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Shaping the future - An InsightBee Global survey into technology trends for 2017

December 13, 2016

The top technology trends that are shaping our world

What are the Top 5 technologies with the massive power to disrupt business by overturning traditional modes of working and bringing profound organisation-wide change?


According to a new InsightBee report – Global Survey on 2017 Technology Trends – the top trends to watch are all data-centric: collectively, they will have a profound influence on the way data is gathered, analysed, used and stored.

The report is based on a survey of technology decision-makers and managers across 5 different sectors in the 6 world economies of Germany, Singapore, China, the USA, the UK and India.

These business leaders identify the top 5 as being:

  1. Cloud
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Big Data
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Data Analytics

The report is essential reading for anyone with responsibility for or a stake in their organisation’s technology investment. Among its stand-out findings:

  • 73% of Chinese companies think an unwillingness to embrace disruptive technologies will have a negative effect on business – only 19% of US companies agree
  • One in three companies globally lacks a mechanism to measure the impact or ROI of adopting disruptive technologies
  • US companies expect to make their biggest investments in the next 12 months in cloud computing, 3D printing, advanced robotics and big data


The global picture

Across the board, in companies of different shapes and sizes, business leaders around the world recognise that the world is changing. They know that disruptive technology will be a game-changer for their business.

As one survey respondent explains, these new technologies give his company an edge over competitors: “The time required for IT procurement is almost nil. Now we can deploy mission-critical applications that deliver significant business benefits without any upfront costs and with minimal provisioning time.”


What could hold back these technology trends?

A staggering 93% of the large firms (those with revenues over $2bn) represented in the survey think these 5 technologies will have a positive impact on their business in the next 3 years.

But the picture is not entirely rosy, and the report also addresses the concerns that could hold back wider adoption. The issue of security is given an especial focus: which countries feel most/least equipped to counter a cyber attack?

The report also explores whether respondents’ generally positive perceptions of these 5 technologies translate into greater investment? The findings help to answer a critical question: which sectors in which countries are most likely to be embracing which technologies?

The report also gives hard facts on adoption and investment rates in and shares respondents’ personal experience of handling the challenge of change.

Discover how technology is set to shape business in 2017. Read the InsightBee survey findings in full by downloading the report free of charge.

Download Global Survey on 2017 Technology Trends

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